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The Last Rose of Summer by Mary Austin, inspired by a true story, follows a young cancer researcher after she discovers a breakthrough drug that could transform chemotherapy.

The Last Rose of Summer, a novel by Mary Austin, has been released worldwide. The book clocks in at 248 pages and centers on a young cancer researcher after she discovers a breakthrough drug that could change chemotherapy, but the drug industry conceals the drug, altering her life and career.

From the back cover:

While working independently as a pre-med student at Cleary University, the soon-to-be physician, Mary Austin, discovers a remarkable, non-toxic drug that could offer tremendous hope to cancer patients. Her work is headed for publication in a top medical journal until a drug company begins negotiations with her bosses from which she is mysteriously excluded.

Amid egregious sexual harassment, Mary’s materials are blatantly sabotaged. As death threats follow and her work becomes impossible, she is accepted at Whitehead College of Medicine despite evidence that her bosses tampered with her application process. After becoming a pediatrics resident, she shares her story with her beloved mentor, Dr. Daniel Taylor, who allows her to temporarily leave her residency training to reproduce the work. Her joy turns to sorrow and then determination when she learns that Dr. Taylor is battling terminal pancreatic cancer. Even as a chain of events prompts the sabotage of Mary’s drug stock and leaves her seemingly without any choice but to permanently leave academic medicine, the story of her drug is not over yet.

In this novel inspired by a true story, after a young cancer researcher discovers a breakthrough drug that could change chemotherapy, the drug industry suppresses the breakthrough and transforms her life and career forever.

The Last Rose of Summer is available through Amazon,, Archway Publishing and other fine retailers where books are sold. Available formats include hardcover ($35.95 retail; ISBN: 9781480890527) and paperback ($17.99 retail; ISBN: 9781480890510). Additional information, including excerpts, can be found at the author’s official website at

About Mary Austin:

Mary Austin gave up first a career in research, then a career as a board-certified pediatrician, and finally her personal safety rather than participate in the suppression of a discovery that could help cancer patients. She would do it again. Her official website is

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